About the Collection...

The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center & Diversity Institute Library is a working collection established to provide research and support materials for the Freedom Forum staff and the Diversity Institute fellows. The collection consists of monographs, reference books, periodicals, newspapers, videocassettes, DVDs, and working files.

The focus of the collection is the First Amendment, newsroom diversity, freedom of information and the mass media industry represented by the following categories:

A. General First Amendment texts
B. Freedom of Speech
C. Freedom of the Press
D. Freedom of Religion
E. Right to Assembly
F. Right to Petition
G. Freedom of Information
H. Journalism
I. Journalism History
J. Diversity within the field of journalism
K. Journalism training
L. Mass Media –Credibility/Ethics
M. Journalism – Reporting, Writing, Editing, Photojournalism & Visual Graphics

NOTE: The book collection will be weeded, as appropriate, when materials loose their currency or are superseded by subsequent editions. The Library will retain periodicals and newspapers depending on the availability of back issues in other libraries on the Vanderbilt University campus.


Services and Hours...

The Library serves Freedom Forum staff and Diversity Institute Fellows in the following areas:

  • Collection development
  • Reference and research service
  • Internet and library research training
  • Cataloging and database development

The Library is located on the second floor of the John Seigenthaler Center, adjacent to the Diversity Institute offices. The Library is open from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.



The Library offers individual one-on-one training for Freedom Forum staff and Diversity Institute Fellows who need assistance with researching our catalog, subscription databases and other resources. CONTACT US to set up an appointment.

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